• 17.3.2012 "Dimension: Death" album available worldwide
    The new Domination Black album Dimension: Death is now available everywhere through iTunes.

  • 11.2.2012 - New promo video
    A freshly shot promo video for the song "Evilizer" from the new album can now be viewed here.

    "Dimension: Death" album can be ordered from:
    Recordshop X

  • 11.01.2012 - Dimension: Death 22.02.2012
    Domination Black are going to unleash their long-awaited third full-length studio album in February 2012. The album called “Dimension: Death” will see the daylight on 22nd February 2012 via Kanki Rekords. A teaser song “Passage of the Dead” from the new album can be streamed on the band’s soundcloud page. Dimension: Death was recorded and mixed by Teemu Aalto and mastered by Dan Swanö.

  • 17.10.2011 - DB will return to Helsinki!
    Domination Black will play in Helsinki on October 29th. Check the gigs section for details

  • 27.08.2011 - A gig in Kouvola on the 9th of September
    Check the gigs section for details

  • 28.6.2011 - Album mixed and DB will return to Russia
    Yes indeed, it's true: Domination Black's 3rd album has been recorded and mixed during the spring 2011 and the next phase is mastering it. In the meantime, as we're eagerly waiting for that to happen, we'll make a little trip on the July 9th back to Vyborg, Russia where we had a blast last December. Check the gigs section for details. Also we'll post here more info on the new album later on!

  • 26.04.2011 - A gig in Turku confirmed
    Check the gigs section for details

  • Domination Black in Russia!
    Domination Black will play their first ever Russian show on December 18th 2010 at Kochegarka Club in Vyborg. Be there!

  • 17.08.2010 - Domination Black at Kotkan Tori on 21.08.2010!
    Check the gigs section for details

  • 13.06.2010 - New gigs announced!
    New live dates added, check out the Gigs section for details!

  • 30.04.2010 - Back In Black! // New Singer, new site!
    Domination Black have found a new singer. Matias Palm is replacing Kari Killgast (who left the band in late 2009) as the lead vocalist for Domination Black. Palm has previously been involved with such bands as Merging Flare and Heavy Metal Perse + numerous tribute projects including Judas Priest, Running Wild and Gamma Ray tributes. The band has recently been working on some new material to be recorded for their third album somewhere in the near future. Furthermore Domination Black will make their triumphant return to the stages at Kotkan Meripäivät festival in late July..... You can listen to a new track called "Cold Touch" on Domination Black's Myspace page!
    Domination Blackin vuoden 2009 loppupuolella jättäneen Kari Killgastin tilalle on yhtyeen uudeksi laulajaksi pestattu kainuulaislähtöinen Matias Palm, joka saattaa joillekin olla tuttu mm. yhtyeistä Merging Flare ja Heavy Metal Perse. Lisäksi Palm on vaikuttanut lukuisissa tribuuttibändeissä (mm. Judas Priest, Running Wild, Gamma Ray –tribuutit). Laulajavaihdoksen myötä Domination Black on pitänyt taukoa keikkailusta ja keskittynyt uuden materiaalin sovittamiseen ja kirjoittamiseen. Myös kolmannen pitkäsoittoalbumin äänitykset ovat suunnitelmissa lähitulevaisuudessa. Soittolavoille bändi palaa Kotkan Meripäivillä heinäkuun lopussa. .... Uusi kappale "Cold Touch" on nyt kuultavissa bändin Myspace sivulla!

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